When Ruth confronts Smithy with fears over his mental health, he admits his medication may not be suiting him and breaks down. Ruth is relieved when Smithy agrees to call a doctor, but she gets a shock when she returns home to find he’s covered all the furniture in Clingfilm. Ruth assures Smithy all will be fine – but is she really convinced?

Simon sees Will picking up a patient from The Mill and tries to make conversation to check everything’s OK. Will is clearly uncomfortable and tells Simon he doesn’t know if he’s ready for all this and leaves. Simon is heartbroken.

Rob is struggling to work out what caused a car accident when the only witness seems to be a timewaster. But Jimmi digs deeper and discovers the witness has a rare condition which could save the driver’s life.

Also, Julia’s taken aback when Daniel asks to help with the gala. She gives him leaflets to hand out but is disturbed to find where he posts them!

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