Smithy’s angry when the law fails

Continuing their investigation into Jason Devlin and the fire at his club, Sergeants Dale Smith and Callum Stone are told by fire officers that it was definitely arson. It was also nearly murder, as barman Pete Copperfield was lucky to escape with his life. When Smithy and Stone quiz him, though, all he can tell them is that Jason has a lot of enemies.

Does that include his girlfriend, Abi Nastase? The officers discover that she was at the club on the night of the fire and, when Smithy finds her, he sees her arms are burned. It’s not what he thinks, though. It turns out that Abi and Pete have been having a secret affair and she tried to rescue him from the fire. So, was the Pete the target?

Abi’s later found beaten, leading the police to believe that her secret romance is a secret no more � Jason knows and is not happy. But Pete reveals that Jason’s father, Matthew, knew about his affair with Abi before the fire…

Smithy digs deeper into the Devlins business affairs and discovers they’re slum landlords, with vulnerable illegal immigrants as their tenants. He wants to arrest them but Matthew Devlin makes a statement that puts him and his son in the clear for the arson.

But an angry Smithy isn’t prepared to let them go…

Story continues on July 8.