Snake on the loose!

Dot is horrified to learn that Bobby’s pet snake has escaped and is somewhere in her house – she’s got the vicar coming round later! Fatboy arranges for the meeting about the church warden position to go ahead at the B&B instead. Things go from bad to worse when it’s clear that the ‘masseur’ renting one of the B&B rooms is actually a prostitute, then the snake slithers out of Dot’s handbag!

Determined to find the happy family photo that Janine has kept hold of, Michael turns up at Janine’s and goes through her belongings, despite Alice trying to stop him. A desperate Michael wants Alice to convince Janine that he’s still madly in love with her as a way to get back his daughter. When Janine gets home, Alice brings up Michael, but Janine’s not interested in talking about him.

When Sam finds out that Max is interested in Jay and Dexter’s refurbished car, his ears prick up. Learning that Jay has turned down Max’s offer, Sam suggests paying Jay £1,000, which Jay accepts. Although happy that he and Abi now have enough money to go on holiday, Jay is worried about telling Dexter, knowing he’ll be angry.