Snezana’s secret is revealed!

Suspicious of Snezana’s behaviour, Jeff follows her to a settler’s camp full of illegal Serbian immigrants. Here he discovers that Snezana has been treating the entire community and decides he can’t stand by and watch her put herself and the immigrants in danger. Jeff and Snezana argue and she reveals that she has a 12-year-old daughter back in Serbia. He agrees to keep her secret, but only if she destroys all of the stolen medicine.

Jessica’s son Lucas regains consciousness and a delighted Adam tells Jessica the good news. He declares his love for her, but she pulls away saying that she wants to stay with Sean – family must come first. It’s not long, though, before Adam is up to his old tricks and arranges a date with Sheila.

Marilyn asks Zoe to lie on oath when Maggie’s case goes to court. She attempts to bribe her with a career proposition, but Zoe declines. Later, Marilyn sees her flirting with Sean and realises something’s going on between them. She threatens to disclose their affair to the board if Zoe doesn’t co-operate and, backed into a corner, Zoe is forced to agree to lie.