Social services come calling on Connie!

It’s New Year’s Eve in Holby and clinical lead Connie is summoned to a meeting with social services. It comes to light someone has reported Connie to child protection and they’re concerned for her daughter Grace’s welfare. The situation becomes more serious later that day when the General Medical Council tell Connie they’ve been sent video footage of her shaking Grace at work!

Desperate to blame someone, Connie believes Zoe is responsible and confronts her. They have a stand up screaming match where Zoe flatly denies the accusation and angrily storms out!

Meanwhile, Lofty records his colleagues’ New Year resolutions. And some of them are more surprising than others…

Zoe resolves to act her age and just be friends with Max. Cal pledges to give up his womanising ways. And Tess resolves to put the pain of her affair with Fletch behind her and resurrect the ‘old Tess’.

Elsewhere, Charlie takes Connie to task over her unkind treatment of struggling, single mum Poppy. Connie opens up and reveals she’s terrified of losing Grace. Charlie and Connie work together to help Poppy get the help she and her children need.

Alcoholic Molly shows up at the ED drunk and deathly ill. Zoe discovers Molly’s got alcoholic hepatitis and needs a transplant but is unable to persuade Molly to keep fighting. Help comes from an unexpected source, however… Tea lady Honey manages to convince Molly there’s still hope.

Louise helps Noel and Honey establish the beginnings of a relationship. They’ve both been avoiding each other since Honey revealed she’s his long lost daughter from a one-night stand.

And before the team rings in 2015, Lofty showcases his resolution video at the pub to his co-workers!