Social services pay Amy a visit

Amy is shocked when a social worker calls round to investigate reports that baby Leah may be at risk. It seems that someone reported that drugs were consumed in the flat during last night’s party while the baby was inside. Mike is surprised when Amy accuses him of grassing her up to social services.

As Pete’s behaviour gets worse, Tina confides in Mrs Webster who gets Pete to apologise to her. A vengeful Pete makes Tina put a hundred chairs in the canteen for a fictional careers night, before making her take them out again on the pretence the event has been cancelled. An exhausted Tina arrives home to find Dom too pre-occupied with his own problems to listen to her, leaving her increasingly frustrated.

Carmel suggests Louise should start planning her wedding, but is shocked when Louise explains she’ll have to wait seven years before she can marry if Sean doesn’t show up. Carmel offers to plan a commitment ceremony for Louise and Warren as a trial run for a career as a wedding planner, but Louise ridicules the idea.

Still determined to exact his revenge on Jess for letting out his rooms while he was away, Elliott barricades himself in, leaving Jessica determined to get her room back.