Daniel and Zara are expecting a visit from the social worker today to discuss baby Joe’s injuries. As they consider their situation, tempers rise and they’re unaware that Fleur is outside noting the argument. Inside, Zara’s unimpressed when Fleur says she’s just going to ask them a few questions, separately, and then she’ll be on her way. First up, Fleur asks Zara general questions about the IVF and their general relationship, and Zara answers defensively.

When Fleur says she knows about Joe’s A & E visit last year for suspected whiplash, Zara lies claiming it was an RTC but, unknown to her, Daniel has claimed Joe fell out of his chair. Fleur leaves Zara and Daniel terrified when she says because of certain inconsistencies in their stories, she will need to follow up this matter and probably question them again. Fleur heads off saying she’ll be in touch soon.

Meanwhile, Mandy’s helping Chris find acts for the talent show, and Heston, Howard and Al aren’t keen. Chris says he’ll do a magic set but only if Jas and Kevin do something, too – and Jas agrees for both of them. Later, Howard, Heston and Emma say they’ll take part – but Jimmi’s not having any of it!

Also, a university student’s lies start to catch up with him when he returns from a charity trip.