Some things are better left unsaid!

Hayley is delighted when Christian pays her a surprise visit at the cafe, but she panics when he says that he’d like to visit Harold’s grave! Roy is even more disapproving when Hayley fibs that Harold was cremated and he tells Hayley that she can’t build a relationship based on a lie. Hayley arranges to meet Christian to ‘show him where Harold’s ashes were scattered’ and she finally tells Christian that his father is still alive…

Gail struggles with mixed emotions as she can’t forgive David’s behaviour, but he’s still her child. Gail decides to listen to her head not her heart and when she bumps into Audrey she insists that she will never take David back.

Liz finally plucks up the courage to tell Steve that she and Vernon have set a wedding date and Steve tries to look happy, even though he’s not over-the-moon about having Vernon for a stepdad! Steve and Michelle talk about moving in together and hope that Liz and Vernon will find a place of their own.

Also, Rosie winds Sally up by wearing a risque outfit to work.

*Second episode*

Hayley realises that she’ll have to come clean about everything now that she’s told Christian that his dad is not dead. A confused Christian gets impatient as Hayley skirts around the issue, but she finally blurts out the truth. Christian is appalled by Hayley’s revelation and he storms off. Hayley tries to stop him but Christian instinctively punches her and she’s left devastated and bleeding.

Sally is in a strop at having to share her cosy theatre night with John with Kevin and Fiz. When Kevin comments that the lead actor was like Tony from the Sopranos, she shoots down his opinion, but she’s mortified when John says that Kevin was spot on then leaves to spend a romantic night with Fiz.

Carla agrees to meet up with Tony to ‘discuss business’ and he takes her down the Rovers for a drink and Liam is wound up by their flirting. Carla wonders if his possessiveness is out of loyalty to his late brother and her hubby Paul, but there seems to be more to it.

Also, Steve and Michelle are downhearted when Liz and Vernon excitedly make plans for the wedding and the pub.