Someone definitely got the better of Cain!

Who did THIS to Cain? That’s what the Emmerdale residents want to know – and mostly because they want to shake the attacker’s hand. The police have Charity and Jai in custody, but let them go – and they swear to each other and everyone else that they’re innocent. That leaves farmer John, Moira, Amy, Zak… It could have been any one of them who nearly knocked Cain into next year. Let’s face it, even Edna couldn’t find it in her Christian heart not to loathe him. It’s a mystery, for sure.

But it seems it’s not a mystery for long when the police arrest farmer John for trying to murder Cain (he’s a trier is John; he tries to farm, he tries to be a good father, he tries to keep his wife happy – but he never succeeds). John’s hauled off to the cop shop where the news gets worse… Cain needs emergency surgery. If he doesn’t survive John will be charged with murder!

John’s arrest is a relief for Val and Pollard, who have been fretting over just how far Amy would go to make Cain regret messing with her. They’re almost positive their girl couldn’t be that violent.