*Second episode*

Knowing her actions kickstarted the epic tragedy that has caused death, damage, injury and devastation, Chrissie is a total state when she arrives back at Home Farm. Lawrence and Lachlan are stunned to see her with Robert. But Robert soon makes aggro Lawrence see they must work together. When a rambling Chrissie tells her dad what’s happened, will she agree to his and Robert’s plan to keep quiet about her part in it?

Recovering from her ordeal in the Hall of Mirrors, fresh horror is soon heaped on Diane as she catches sight of Val being carried out on a stretcher, completely covered up. Screaming for her sister, Diane knows she’s lost her and is inconsolable. Later, in the Woolpack, she breaks the news of Val’s death.

Meanwhile, at hospital, Cain and Moira are at Debbie’s bedside, wondering where Pete has got to. When Debbie finally comes round, the first person she asks for is her husband, prompting Cain to call Pete and beg him to return to the hospital.

Having driven out to the woods, broken Pete dumps his brother’s body in a shallow grave, barely covering the body with branches. When he gets back home, he’s in a state as he takes in what he’s done to Ross, and what has happened to his life in the blink of an eye. As Pete’s ditching his blood-stained wedding gear, Belle enters with April who wants to know why he’s throwing his clothes away.

At the Woolpack, taking stock of his life since his brush with death, Adam takes the opportunity to apologise to Vanessa for the way he’s behaved since she fell pregnant. He vows to be there for her and begs the vet not to leave Emmerdale. In the back-room, Diane and Victoria talk about Val, David arrives. He can’t get hold of Pollard to tell him what has happened – but admits he has no idea how to break the tragic news to his dad anyway.

In a pub away from Emmerdale, blissfully unaware of what has gone on in the village, Pollard, Rodney and Doug are hammered. The news of the village disaster plays out on the pub’s TV screen but they’re all too drunk to notice.

Back at the hospital it’s the moment of truth for Debbie and Pete, who come face-to-face for the first time since the disaster and since the news of Debbie’s affair with Ross shattered their wedding day. Debbie begs for forgiveness, vowing to have no feelings for Ross and thanking Pete for saving her life. Pete eventually breaks his silence telling his wife no one is ever to mention Ross’ name again. He wants to forget about his brother, forget about his wedding day and for things to go back to the way they were.