Lewis tells Jack that he did start the fire and threaten Ellie. Lewis reveals he’s planning something bigger to punish the rubbish that clogs up the world, and wants Jack onside. Disgusted, Jack walks away.

Lewis comes up with a plan to get Sia, Jack and Ellie to the campus that night. Lewis stands in front of his webcam in halls, loading the gun, and announcing: “This is judgement day.”

Zara tells Simon she’s found out that Lewis has psychological problems that haven’t been treated and Simon goes in search for Sia to warn her. Karen tries to contact Rob when she finds out but can’t get through to him so goes to the university to find Jack.

Lewis storms in holding a gun, locking the door behind him. Simon and Rob run across campus towards the block where Jack, Karen and the others all are, when a gunshot rings out. In the classroom, there’s blood on the floor – but whose is it?

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