*One-hour special*

Max has burnt his bridges with his family as Tanya insists she’s reached her limit with him, a bitter Bradley confronts him for ruining his marriage and Lauren is furious that he made Peter dump her. Meanwhile, Jack wants to punish Max for getting him arrested. Jack forces a handcuffed Max to a deserted side street, roughs him up and humiliates him, then scornfully hands Max the unloaded gun.

Jack returns to the Square and lets himself into Ronnie‘s flat to retrieve paperwork from a hidden safe. He’s interrupted by Ronnie, who blurts out that she loves him, but Jack beats a hasty retreat. Meanwhile, Tanya is horrified when she finds a badly injured Max and she comforts him when he breaks down. They kiss, but Max is devastated when Tanya leaves.

Tanya has a bust-up with Jack over Max and an upset Abi flees to Max’s and interrupts Max as he’s loading the gun. Max feels guilty for hurting Abi and Lauren and he ditches the gun and vows to set things right with Tanya. Meanwhile, Darren has left his car running in the Square while he goes to find Libby. Someone jumps into the car and slams into Max, leaving him motionless in the road…

Also, Tony blames a drunk Ronnie when Bianca finds Whitney’s lipstick on him. Bianca tries to duck Ronnie in the Halloween party apple-bobbing bucket, but she ends up soggy!

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