*Second episode*

Holly’s crush on Cain is building by the day. She can’t stand it when she walks into the kitchen at Butler’s to find Moira having a big old snog with him.

Later, Cain is the bearer of good news for Andy as he passes on Debbie’s contact details! Andy’s a happy man.

At the factory, Belle’s lured Dr Bailey into the office for some after hours ‘privacy’, but her mum and her boss have turned up! In danger of being discovered with her older married lover, Belle’s problem gets worse when the romantic candles she’s lit start a fire in the bin…

Having based himself in Emmerdale in a bid to find out who mowed down his wife in a fatal hit and run accident (aka Kirin), Pierce has started campaigning for information and he’s shocked by what he hears.

Tracy’s night out at the pub with David doesn’t go well, and Bernice wants to book herself and Lawrence on a cruise.