Sonia is at home with Bex when she gets an unwelcome visitor. The mystery man, Mr Waters, confronts her about what happened when she was working in Kettering – a secret that she has kept to herself. When Mr Waters gets threatening, Gethin steps in to get rid of him. Sonia is forced to admit to a stunned Bex what went on while she was away… What has Sonia been hiding?

Stacey, Martin and Kush are at the hospital with an unwell Arthur. As the time ticks on, Stacey starts to get increasingly frustrated that they haven’t been given any answers. Kush and Martin have a heart-to-heart and Kush heads home, leaving Stacey and Martin alone. Stacey and Martin finally discover the truth about Arthur’s collapse… And it’s not what they expected!

Johnny learns that Ted could face five years in prison for the shooting incident. Concerned about Ted and Joyce, Johnny assures them that he’s on their side.

Meanwhile, Michelle, frustrated when a persistent Tom sends her a present, throws it in the bin.