Sonia kisses Martin!

Sonia invites Martin to her joint birthday party with Tina, feeling bad for Bex who’s upset by the trouble between them. During the meal, Sonia’s left feeling uncomfortable after a romantic speech from Tina. When a drunk Martin causes a scene, Sonia follows him to Ian’s. Touched by Martin’s present of a locket, Sonia softens towards him and they kiss.

Kim faces her worst fear as she’s confronted by Vincent. With Patrick and Denise for back up, Kim admits to Vincent she saw him killing someone! When Vincent points out that she got the wrong end of the stick, Kim is thrown. Although willing to accept she was wrong about her husband, Kim still feels unsure. Meanwhile, Vincent meets up with his foster sister Donna, who warns him about the Mitchells.

Ronnie is annoyed when Phil refuses to help her with the new witness that’s come forward to testify against Dot. Forced to turn to Vincent for help, Ronnie’s frustrated yet again when Vincent says he’s a father now and has responsibilities. When Ronnie reminds Vincent about the gun, he waivers.

Also, when Whitney and Lee come clean about the cash they found in Stan’s old chair,Mick turns down Babe’s offer of money, kicking her out of the pub.