Martin is upset when the police reveal that Sonia has gone missing and he decides to try and find her himself. A concerned Ian stops Martin in his tracks and suggests that they hold a service of prayer for Pauline instead. The family gather for the service, but Rebecca is overwhelmed when she arrives with Martin and runs off. Jane offers to take care of the kids while the adults go to the church.

Meanwhile, Sonia is hiding out at the Arches and is almost discovered when DI Kelly turns up to speak to Phil. Sonia is torn and realises that if she does a runner she’ll never see Rebecca again. Sonia decides to call the police and after making the call she discovers Jane is looking after Rebecca and begs to see her. Martin arrives back in the Square and Sonia panics, grabs Rebecca, and makes a run for it.

Rob attends the scan with Dawn, but after talking to May he realises that Dawn duped him – she didn’t call May at all. Rob is angry but Dawn is triumphant and hands him the scan photo to show to May. Rob is forced to reveal Dawn’s deception to May, who feels hurt, but she’s determined not to let Dawn get the better of her.

Dawn is stunned when May turns up on her doorstep and tells her that any dealings about the baby in future will be through her and not Rob.

Also, Stacey is touched by Bradley’s kindness when he gives her flowers to give to Jean for her birthday, but she feels snubbed when he later ignores her to spend time with Lydia.