Sonia reveals Bianca’s whereabouts

Ricky leaves a message for Bianca pleading with her to come home. Jack and the family talk about how to find Bianca. Sonia arrives and reveals that Bianca is staying with her at a bed and breakfast. Sonia reveals that Bianca wants to confess to the police. Carol collects Bianca to take her to the police station. Sonia confesses to Carol that she’s split up with Martin and she living at the bed and breakfast with Rebecca.

Tamwar is in a dark mood with Zainab, who is adamant that she doesn’t want him seeing Afia. Zainab doesn’t know how to handle a stroppy Tamwar and asks Denise for advice. Denise thinks that if Zainab tries to prevent the relationship it will only push them closer together. Zainab and Masood agree to tolerate the relationship in the hope that it will fizzle out.

Kat has spent the night with Mo and she tells Alfie she wants nothing to do with him. Kat opens the front door to a sea of flowers and a loving note from Alfie. Kat melts when she sees Alfie standing across the road looking penitent and she forgives him. Kat laughs when Alfie confesses he rented the flowers from the flower stall!

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