Charlie has a visit from Sonia’s daughter Rebecca who reveals she’s got an audition for a music academy. When Rebecca doesn’t want her mum to know, Charlie reassures her that Sonia will support her. Sonia, however, angrily confronts Charlie, as she’s found out Charlie has been secretly giving Rebecca guitar lessons. Insisting Rebecca wouldn’t cope with the pressure of an audition, Sonia says she’s only being protective. To ease Sonia’s fears, Ronnie arranges for Rebecca to perform at The Vic, with a little help from Charlie. Sonia is surprised as Rebecca wows the crowd.

Alfie realises the enormity of his situation with nowhere to live and Kat due out of hospital. Trying it on with Masood, Alfie claims Kat wants to be somewhere familiar, hoping Masood will let them stay. Not knowing Alfie is homeless, Masood insists he moves out. At the council, Alfie is desperate when he’s told he can only have a B&B for one night. Intending to confess to Kat, Alfie is stunned when Kat says she wants them to marry – right now!

Shabnam is angry that Masood has arranged Tamwar’s 21st birthday party at the pub. Refusing to go, she points out the people at the mosque would disapprove. Later, Shabnam gives Tamwar his birthday present – £10,000. Where did she get it from?