Sonia’s grilled about Pauline

Sonia waits nervously in the police interview room and is worried when she’s assigned an inept solicitor who mistakes her for another client. But Phil sends along solicitor Richie Scott to represent her and Scott reveals that Sonia’s unlikely to be charged with Rebecca as the only witness in the case.

DI Kelly questions Sonia, but Scott points out that he’ll either have to charge Sonia or let her go. Sonia is released from custody and goes to see Martin to plead her innocence. Martin refuses to be moved and shuts her out.

Dawn tries to have a word with Rob, but he’s evasive. She’s upset when she turns up at Rob and May’s flat to discover they’re about to have an evening out. Dawn accuses Rob of punishing her for still wanting him while May’s out of the room, but she’s forced to swallow her humiliation as an oblivious May reappears and she and Rob head out.

Stacey discovers that Max and Tanya need a babysitter for the evening and decides to volunteer. Max isn’t best pleased to see her, but he’s forced to agree to let her stay with the girls while he and Tanya go out. Max is worried on their return when a sly Stacey tells him she’s left him something to remember her by in the bedroom. Max discovers something in his dressing gown, which he quietly palms, while an unsuspecting Tanya gets ready for bed.

Also, Denise decides to pass Shirley’s number and address on to a depressed Deano.