Sonia’s in a world of pain

Sonia heads over to Martin’s house and demands that he let her in. She pleads with him to make Rebecca see that she didn’t kill Pauline. DI Kelly arrives to tell Martin that the post mortem results have come through and it’s not good news for Sonia.

Martin charges across the Square to confront his former wife, while Phil tells a shocked Sonia that she’s going to be arrested for murder – unless she flees the Square right now…

Sean realises that Stacey is up to something and tells her he doesn’t want her getting involved with the wrong man. Stacey tells Max that they need to cool things as Sean may discover their affair, but she’s put out when Max suggest that she acts the single girl to put him off the scent.

A defiant Stacey agrees to go for a drink with Preeti and a leering builder called Dermot and plays up to Dermot’s flirting to annoy a watching Max. Sean is less than impressed by Stacey’s little display and tells Dermot to get lost.

Dawn is pleased when Rob comes into the Vic to see her, but she’s disappointed when he thrusts her a contract to do with the baby. Dawn informs Rob that the scan appointment has been changed for today if he can come with her and lies to him that she’s tried to contact May.