Sonny ignores Calvin’s ultimatum to quit working for Warren, and heads back to The Loft. Meanwhile, Calvin attempts to half-heartedly apologise to Louise for his earlier outburst, but she isn’t impressed and later, he turns up at her drinks party to try to win her round. However, he’s not happy to see Warren there and is furious when Warren lets on that Sonny is still working at The Loft.

John-Paul tries his best to be extra nice to Hannah, but Craig isn’t convinced he’s being genuine, and even Hannah suspects something’s amiss between Craig and John-Paul. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Rhys to stay out of her life, but does she mean it?

Josh finds a £20 note on his way to school and promises Amy he’ll use it to take her out for a meal. But his plans are dashed when Rhys hastily confiscates his cash and Josh is forced to find a new way to treat Amy, so decides to take her on an improvised picnic at Drive ‘N’ Buy. Amy is touched and almost tells Josh the truth about her pregnancy when she’s interrupted by Frankie.

Meanwhile, Jake gets out of his car to help Frankie with her shopping, leaving baby Charlie in the back, when someone steals the car and prepares to torch it, unaware there’s a baby inside…