Michaela is devastated after finding out about Sonny and his lies. But it’s nothing compared to Mercedes’ fury when she discovers that Sonny has been spreading rumours about her as well hurting Michaela. Later, Michaela confronts a sheepish Sonny, and invites him round to her house where he gets a lot more than he bargained for…

Meanwhile, the McQueens’ priest, Father Raymond, pays them a Good Friday visit and he expresses his disappointment that Jacqui and Aleksander chose to get married in a registry office, leaving Myra upset and embarrassed. Also worried what Father Raymond might think about John-Paul’s sexuality, she can’t bring herself to tell him the whole truth in confession.

Zoe’s hungover after last night’s drinking bout, but she’s still not impressed with Will’s behaviour, despite his apologies. Paranoid, Will hooks up a mini-camera in Zoe’s room, so he can see and hear everything she’s up to on his laptop.

Jessica feels guilty when she hears Will intends to move out of his room and promises to try to smooth things over with Zoe. But, later, as Jessica and Zoe chat about Will, they’re unaware he can see and hear everything…

Also, Elliot takes a mortified Steph star-spotting, but a night under the stars with Elliot is too much for Steph and she soon finds her patience is wearing thin.

*Screened on TV3, Friday May 4*