Sandy is furious at Lindsey for sleeping with Freddie, and Joe wants Lindsey out of the house. Freddie is shocked when Sandy reveals she knows he slept with Lindsey. Elsewhere, Sinead puts the next stage of her revenge plan into action. She bumps into Sonny and apologises for making a pass at him but he unintentionally gives her false hope about the future. Nana is suspicious when she sees them together and tells Carmel, but when Carmel confronts Sonny he proposes!

Maxine is anxious as she prepares to get her amniocentesis result. She confides in Dodger and he comforts her in a way that Patrick can’t. Meanwhile, Patrick persuades Leela to cool off the search for Sophie and Sienna trashes Patrick’s flat when she finds out. He goes to call the hospital but Sienna threatens to tell everyone he’s been beating Maxine. Later, Patrick spots Maxine and Dodger getting out of a taxi together and at the flat, he grabs her hair and she tells him that their baby has Downs Syndrome.

Grace tells Ste that he’s working for free until he pays her back for all the drugs he’s had. John Paul and Tony see Ste in the The Dog toilets taking drugs and wipe their hands of him. Later, Ste and Freddie decide to take Grace down.