Michelle arrives for her lunch with Sonny, nervous that he’s about to dump her, but is delighted when he asks her to marry him instead! She arrives back at The Rovers on cloud nine and when Steve walks into the celebrations, she sarcastically tells him her big news. Hurt, Steve hits back by revealing Sonny’s affair with Sean. However, no one believes him, thinking it’s just jealousy, and Michelle looks at him pityingly as he’s led out of the pub by Lloyd.

Liam is desperate for a replacement for Janice so Carla offers him one of her girls from the night shift, Vicki, but her arrival doesn’t go down well with the factory girls. Kelly is fed up with being cold-shouldered by the girls and tells Carla she can’t do nights any more.

Jamie gets a shock when he picks up a fare from the station and it turns out to be his ex, Leanne! After a frosty ride, the pair have a drink at Jamie’s and agree they’re both to blame for the past. With Janice and Les away, Jamie offers Leanne a bed for the night and she agrees.

Also, Ashley worries about Claire’s involvement with Casey.