Sonny visits Theresa in prison

Carmel and Sonny are shocked when they receive a visiting order from Theresa for Kathleen Angel. Later, Sonny lies that Theresa has cancelled the visit, but goes to see her himself. Sonny tells Theresa that Carmel doesn’t want Kathleen Angel to visit, but Theresa is suspicious and rings someone for help.

Finn’s shocked when his ex, Amber, and daughter, Bella, turn up at his front door. Amber tells him she’s split with her boyfriend Dale and that her mum has disowned her. Tony and Diane give Amber money for a taxi home, but Finn refuses to let them go – and it soon becomes clear Amber’s planning something…

Sienna is still seething about Maxine and Dodger and tells her dad that Maxine is back. She stops Dodger outside the hospital and delays him meeting Maxine for her midwife appointment. Meanwhile, Maxine is alarmed when Patrick turns up instead of Dodger. When Maxine tells Dodger that she has to leave, Sienna tells the unforgivable lie that Nico has cancer to stop him going with her.

Also, Nancy is exasperated that it’s four days until their wedding yet Darren isn’t lifting a finger with the preparations. It looks like Rick, however, might be her knight in shining armour when he offers to help.