Sonya bursts into the operating room

Surgeons continue to move the bullet fragment from Toadie’s spine canal but, while Sonya waits anxiously, alarms bells start ringing when she sees a sign celebrating the Nurses’ newest recruit – Belinda. Sonya bursts into the operating room, only to disrupt the operation and find that Belinda has been removed. Later, Karl berates Sonya for her reckless behaviour and tells her that her actions may have caused Toadie long-standing health issues.

Lauren tells Mark that Paige hasn’t checked in for her shift and when Brad reveals that Paige has gone off to meet a friend he wouldn’t approve of, he realises she has gone to meet Michelle. Unfortunately, Mark’s worst fears are realised when he discovers she’s been abducted.

Paul is missing, but not for long as Susan soon discovers himself up in a shed. Susan extends an offer to help, but Paul’s pride gets in the way. Later, Terese and Paul have a candid chat and he ends up becoming her new lodger.