Sonya catches Callum visiting Troy

Callum starts to secretly spend time with Troy on the condition that his biological father will drop the legal case that is so hurting his parents. Rani soon finds out what he’s doing but Callum begs her not to tell Sonya and Toadie. Then Callum discovers that, although the shared custody case has gone, Troy hasn’t dropped the intervention order against Toadie and confronts him in front of the house – where Sonya catches them. Reminded of the stress his pregnant mum is under, Callum lies and claims he wants to spend time with Troy.

Paul needs to fix his PR problem before the papers are printed and scrambles to apologise to Zoe in the hope that she’ll sort things out. She, however, refuses to take his calls. While Paul looks for another PR option, Sophie decides to take matters into her own hands and tricks them both into meeting up. Paul’s pleased, believing she’ll help him, but disappointed to learn that she’ll date him but not work with him.