Steph begs Toadie not to report Lucas for driving into his car, but Toadie insists. Although she doesn’t condone Lucas’s actions, Libby urges Toadie to reconsider. She points out that neither Lucas nor Sonya can be expected to take news of their reunion well, prompting Toadie to reveal that he is yet to tell Sonya. Aware of how much her friend has given up on her behalf, Steph gives Toadie permission to back out of their arrangement and save his relationship.

Meanwhile, Lucas can’t afford bail and calls on the only person he can think of to help him out: his GA sponsor, Sonya. Expecting to bond over their mutual misery, Lucas is stunned to discover Sonya doesn’t know. On finding out, an angry Sonya confronts Toadie.

Declan struggles to settle India. When Kate notices India’s fondness for Karl’s ridiculous glasses, she suggests India might like some ‘girly’ toys. Declan resists, and Kate mistakenly believes it’s because Declan wants her to be like her mother. But Kate discovers the role of a single father is more complex than she realised.

Donna returns to Ramsay Street knowing she has some work to do to make amends with the people she loves. Buoyed by the support of Kate and Declan, she learns she can’t put off facing the world any longer.

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