Paige and friend from uni, Aurora, stage a protest against the council’s plan to remove some trees. Sonya’s unable to stop the plans, leaving Paige fuming. Sonya’s day gets even worse when an unknown person vandalises the nursery. Convinced the attack is connected to the protest, Sonya gives her first speech as mayor – only to be derailed by Paige. Sonya finally cracks under pressure and dissolves into tears.

Convinced she’s caused Sheila’s collapse, Xanthe calls on Piper for help – who makes it clear that she will stand by Xanthe. Meanwhile, Sheila learns she simply had a panic attack! Sheila makes it clear to Xanthe that she will always have her back and Xanthe is eager to make amends. Strength recovered, Sheila plays weak and helpless – she’s going to keep Xanthe close.

Lauren begs Lou to give up on his dream of trekking the Kokoda Track. He agrees, and while Lauren’s relieved, she regrets disappointing him. But Lou looks far from disappointed when he shows up with a new plan – to join the Erinsborough Over 50s Adventure Club.