Sonya discovers Walter’s lying

Sonya reluctantly agrees to let Walter look after Nell and she’s pleasantly surprised when she returns to find that Walter has fed Nell and put her to bed. But as he moves off to clean up, his phone beeps a message, which Sonya reads… leaving her convinced that Walter’s hiding something.

John admits to Paige and Amy that he recognised a logo on a van – and Paige discovers it belongs to an engineering company. John approaches the company but is disappointed that he’s not recognised by a long-term employee. Later, he’s shaken by a disturbing flashback of the damaged Lassiters boiler, on the verge of exploding. He spins out, believing he could be responsible for the explosion…

When Charlie walks in on Mark and Steph arguing about Paul, the pair are forced to sit down and talk. Mark assures Steph that he doesn’t expect to be prioritised when Charlie is around and Steph is left ready to balance her relationship with both of the men in her life.