Sonya tells Toadie she’s dead against giving Troy a funeral, though he, in turn, accuses her of putting her own feelings ahead of Callum’s. After some soul searching and the realisation that Troy actually loved Callum, she eventually agrees to Toadie organising a funeral.

Meanwhile, Paul pushes Sue to print an article about Troy but she’s torn, knowing the impact it could have on her friends, Sonya and Toadie. When Karl reminds her that it’s her duty and she’s good enough to do a sympathetic job, Susan has a go but finds writing the story incredibly hard. She takes the finished article to Toadie and Sonya for their approval but they’re not happy about the whole idea. Sonya eventually comes round to the idea and gives her blessing, even helping Sue flesh the story out. Paul however is furious and demands Zoe help remove Sue from the newspaper.

And Karl and Ajay have a go at writing a new song together and, though they clash over new subject matter, they find common ground in their experience of fatherhood.