Sonya faces another pregnancy test

Sonya and Toadie plan to make the most of their free afternoon, hoping to spend it lazing in bed, but their plans are ruined when Chris and Tash come knocking, asking them to donate blood down at the hospital. The couple reluctantly agree but Sonya’s a bit miffed when Rhys asks her to do a pregnancy test before she gives blood. Unhappy to be reminded of their inability to conceive, she leaves the test room before the result is revealed but Rhys finds the test and breaks the incredible news to Toadie and Sonya – they’re having a baby!

Feeling down after lying to his dad, Chris decides to alleviate his guilt by helping Aidan recruit donors for the blood drive. However, Aidan is suspicious of his boyfriend’s dedication and confronts him, only to learn that Chris hadn’t told his father about their relationship. Chris promises not to lie about their relationship again but Aidan won’t forgive him.

And, seeing the stress the fiery Vanessa is under, Lucas assures her there’s no rush for her to move out and starts to enjoy the perks of having a chef in the house.