Sonya tells her online blogging pal Sleepless-in-erins to meet her at Harold’s Store. When the mum doesn’t show, Sonya gives up and is on her way home when a man called Jacob reveals himself to be Sleepless. Sonya is shocked but saddened to hear how Jacob lost his wife and how he feels he’s failed as a father. Meanwhile, Toadie is worried Sonya is taking on too much.

Terese fills Karl in on Paul’s plan to accept kickbacks when he becomes Mayor and he’s appalled. In an attempt to win back votes, Karl comes up with a new platform, however he will not announce his plans until the election night… refusing to allow Paul the chance to steal his idea – again! Meanwhile, Susan finally acknowledges she’s having an MS relapse but she decides not to burden Karl with her illness, determined to deal with it on her own.

Lauren is convinced she’s getting the silent treatment from Matt when he disappears from the house. She is unnerved, however, when she sees Matt with Senior Constable Kelly Merolli, out of work hours and laughing together.

Suspicious, Lauren follows them to the Community Centre and is surprised to discover Matt has been getting salsa lessons from Kelly in an effort to make Lauren’s life a little more romantic.