Sonya forms a risky plan to help Erin

When Brennan discovers Erin unable to sleep, he calls Sonya over. The pair stay up all night and it’s clear how desperately Erin wants to be reunited with her daughter. After speaking to Toadie in Chile, Sonya wants Erin to regain custody, get her into a program, find her a job and make sure she has somewhere to live. However, Sonya’s cautioned by Karl about reliving her own journey back to sobriety.

Despite a furious Naomi insisting Kyle did the wrong thing by calling the police on Gary, he believes his father needs to be held accountable for his actions. To Kyle’s surprise, Gary returns and Matt arrives to escort him to the police station. Although Kyle knows he did the right thing, his father’s calm response isn’t what he expected.

Gary confesses that Paul paid him to assault Ezra so Matt hauls Paul in for questioning. After getting bailed out, Paul talks to his lawyer who tells him he’s looking at jail time and the best he can do is cut a deal. Reeling, Paul bails out Gary and offers him a solution.