When Sonya’s bank loan application is rejected by the bank, she is really upset and asks to see Lucas. Having not told Toadie she was applying, she needs someone to talk to. When she tells Toadie she went ahead with the application, he’s upset that she didn’t tell him first but understands she needed to do something for herself.

She’s later stunned when Lucas hands her a huge cheque, telling her to buy the gardens and he doesn’t want her to pay him back, the money is a gift. Knowing he’ll end up in trouble if he keeps his inheritance, Lucas tells Sonya she’d be doing him a favour. However, Toadie tells her she can’t accept it.

At home, Tash covers up that she spent the night crying, telling her dad she had a great time. She carries on the facade at school, and does her best to disrupt his lesson. However, she’s not so hard when she gets more abuse from Dean and has to admit to Chris what really happened the night before. When Tash sees a horrible drawing of herself done by new pupil, Noah, she starts thinking they’re right, and she’s ugly.