Sonya gets some bad news

Toadie and Jade bicker about who’s the worst loser and set up a boardgame with Sonya and Callum, secretly agreeing that neither of them can win and whoever cracks the first, has to be the other one’s slave for the day. With Callum and Sonya bragging that they won, Sonya cracks and tells them they let them win. Toadie’s thrilled as Jade has to be his slave! However, the girls get some bad news when they’re told their gran has died. Sonya panics because their gran raised Callum when she abandoned him.

With Summer refusing to go back to the Williams’s with her nan, Lyn is feeling unwanted and upset. She goes to see Susan, who tells her to speak to Summer and to fix it. Summer explains that she’s upset that Lyn believed the rumours about her and Zeke. But as she gets more upset, the truth comes out that she’s still upset about Andrew and Tash.

When the boys see the girls’ calendar they realise they have been tricked into thinking the girls were posing nude! When Lyn sees the proof of the calendar, she asks Susan if she can ring the printer because she has a plan. Later, she shows Summer the tribute she’s paid to Summer at the front of the calendar and the two make up.

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