Sonya has an unexpected visitor

When Toadie sees Tim, Lyn’s new lawyer, leaving Lyn’s, he is horrified. He warns her what could happen but she tells Toadie this is no longer his case. With Summer’s help, Toadie finally convinces Lyn to cancel her contract with Tim and as she goes to do so, he tells her he has some information that could mean early release for Steph. However, he won’t tell her anymore until she agrees to stick with his contract. She agrees.

Toadie admits to Sonya that he is secretly relieved not to be involved anymore and they plan a holiday. Sonya gets a call which she thinks is from work, but it’s clear it’s someone she doesn’t want to hear from. Later, when Toadie is in bed, Sonya calls the person back asking them to leave her alone.

The next day, Sonya tells Toadie she can’t go on holiday as something has come up at work and that she will join him in a few days time. But when her younger sister, Jade, arrives, Sonya calls Toadie and tells him she won’t be coming at all.

Wanting to win the Citizen of the Year Award, Lou turns on the charm to his customers. When Susan and Karl hear about it they nominate each other without the other one knowing. However, when they find out, Zeke knows the competition is about to start.

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