Sonya is left shaken by her visitor

Will Willow's return have consequences for Sonya?

Sonya is left upset by Wilow’s return and is scared that Andrea has also returned to Ramsay Street to pull another scam. She calls Toadie and he ultimately believes Willow’s story about leaving the England without Andrea’s permission. Is Willow telling the truth and will her reappearance cause Sonya more heartache?

The amount of online trolls that leave threatening and hurtful comments under Piper’s video leave her stunned. Tyler is furious and threatens to take action against Piper’s ex boyfriend Chas, who seems to be the online ringleader in the cyber attack against Piper.

Piper wants to write an online response, but Susan advises against it and Piper takes her advice. However, the online bullies extend their attacks to someone close to Piper’s heart and Piper refuses to take the comments lying down.