Sonya makes a breakthrough with Bailey

When Sonya admits she’s been affected by Callum’s absence, Bailey decides to open up to her. He admits his drinking was about gaining confidence but it just got out of control. Lauren and Matt are glad to hear that Bailey has opened up, but when Sonya suggests that Matt should talk more about his own father’s drinking problem, Matt isn’t keen.

Brennan is doing his best to move on, but when he encounters Paul seemingly without a care in the world, he becomes angry and vows revenge. He goes to Matt and pressures him to re-open the Gus Cleary case with the aim of convicting Paul of murder.

Matt asks Paul to the station and Terese goes with him. Matt questions Paul about Cleary, but Paul gets muddled and has to leave. Terese attacks Matt for taking advantage of Paul and when Brennan has a run in with secretive Paige, things come to a head.

Karl attempts to play some music with Ben but Ben admits the songs remind him of his dad, whom he still misses. And being in Erinsborough, where his mum and dad met, has just made things worse. Karl thinks Ben should share his feelings with his mum, but Ben doesn’t want to upset her.