Clearly worried about attending her first baby scan, Sonya doesn’t want anyone else apart from Toadie to attend. Toadie then has to put off his mother, who was on her way, and Callum who isn’t happy about missing seeing his baby sibling for the first time. But Callum is encouraged by Rani to ignore his mother’s request and joins them just in time to calm Sonya down before her appointment. The scan is successful and everything’s fine with the baby, but they’re unsure what surname it’ll adopt – Mitchell or Rebecchi – and Toadie soon realises they should all share the same family name.

Susan changes Vanessa’s mind about moving in with Lucas and he’s really pleased with her response. He attends a Gamblers Anonymous meeting where he realises he’s fallen in love with Vanessa, though it’s clear she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Is he setting himself up for heartbreak?

Paul uses Summer to convince Susan to attend an international editorial conference. With her out of the way for a few weeks, he’s determined to get his old job back for good.