Sonya Rebecchi has a life-changing idea

Sonya Rebecchi shocks her husband when she reveals how she's going to help Mark and Steph...

Susan cautions Sonya about her plans to help Mark and Steph out. Toadie is left reeling by Sonya’s thoughts, feeling blindsided, and Sonya wonders what this will mean for their marriage. Will Toadie take on her idea?

Brad is gutted when Blaze Outreach loses sponsors in the fallout over Angelina’s injuries. With Sonya reluctant to have the council continue to prop Blaze up, it’s up to Brad to raise much needed funds. Will Brad take on the challenge?

Jack is concerned when Paige refuses to accept that Angelina might not wake from her coma. Paige rejects his support – and it’s a handsome, if awkward, stranger, Dr David Tanaka, who makes an unexpected connection.