Sonya receives a death threat!

Sonya discovers the word ‘DIE’ painted over her car windscreen in Neighbours!

Karl and Aaron are thrilled when Sonya brings news that money might be found for the bike lanes, provided Council can siphon off funds from other projects. When the bike lane project is approved at a community meeting, Sonya discovers the word ‘DIE’ painted over her car windscreen. Then, as she’s relating this to Toadie, a brick smashes through the law office window.

Mark tells Steph he didn’t have a say in the photos and suspects it’s merely Elly’s way of getting back at her ex. Is Steph jealous? She admits she is and the only explanation is that she’s in love with Mark. Mark admits his jealousy comes from the same cause – he loves Steph.

It’s Xanthe’s first tutoring session with Elly, who suggests Xanthe should show Ben how much fun she’s having without him. With this in mind, Xanthe posts an image of her and Cooper, the school captain, together on social media. Meanwhile, Ben composes a song but as he’s preparing to woo Xanthe with it he catches sight of her with Cooper.