Sonya returns and is stunned by Naomi’s deception, but after discussing it with Toadie, they somehow become more disconnected than ever. Later, Sonya runs into Naomi who attempts to justify her actions, but Sonya dismisses her. Naomi goes on the attack, suggesting that if Sonya hadn’t been such a good Samaritan, Toadie wouldn’t need to have sought attention elsewhere. Enraged, Sonya slaps her!

Following Paul’s very public meltdown at the art exhibition, Terese blames Karl for putting pressure on Paul after his complaint to the council. But Karl surprises her when he tells her he’s genuinely worried about Paul’s mental health. Meanwhile, Daniel’s overwhelmed when Paul breaks down back at the penthouse and calls Karl. Just as Karl seems to be making a breakthrough with Paul, Terese is forced to break the news that Paul’s been stood down as mayor pending an investigation into his conduct. To everyone’s shock, Paul declares he doesn’t care.

Georgia suggests that she and Kyle exchange their wish lists for the perfect wedding, but they’re both in peacemaker mode and list the other’s wants and needs rather than their own. It’s Chris who manages to bring them onto the same page, and so it seems the wedding plans are back on track.