Sonya reveals to Toadie she wants to give up her job with the Guide Dogs to pursue her dream of running the community garden. He bursts her bubble pretty quickly, trying to make her realise she’ll be up against developers with money and clout. When he refers to it as being ‘just a hobby’, she’s offended.

She says he took a risk – why shouldn’t she? Lucas encourages her by saying life’s too short not to do what makes you happy. Toadie realises how important it is to her and crunches the numbers, to see if they can afford taking out such a big loan.

Kyle racks his brains for a name for his business, but Lou’s beaten him to it: Dial-A-Kyle. Kyle hates it… but Lou’s already registered it and had the posters printed. Kyle starts to get cold feet about having such a big business launch. Jade says he needs to wrestle back control from Lou, so she tells Lou that Kyle will make a speech at the launch. Kyle is horrified and reveals his true fear – having people think he’s stupid. Jade swings into action to get him over his insecurity. But his fear is far worse than she realised…