Toadie grapples with the possibility that he is the hit and run driver but Sonya thinks he’s innocent. Meanwhile, Callum has heard the news from Bailey and rushes back home. Besotted Josie gets closer to Callum but his friendship with Bailey is on the rocks again as Callum accuses the Turners of bringing Robbo to Erinsborough.

Lou has decided to get back on the dating horse and takes himself off to the Community Centre in search of fresh opportunities. He brings his new date, Elsie, to lunch at Charlie’s only to have Sheila reveal Lou’s past as a male escort. Lou cops a glass of wine in the face and accuses Sheila of sabotaging his date because she’s jealous.

Mason gets a text from Chris wondering what happened to the money. Mason has no idea and they don’t know if the video has been uploaded from the laptop. All their work and money might well have been spent in vain. Chris susses Georgia out, learning there was no money found amongst Robbo’s personal effects.

Also, Josh is a no-show in the state swimming trials. Alone in the gym, he reveals his reluctance to swim – the badly bruised ribs he received at the hands of Robbo on that fateful night.