Jacob apologises for his impetuous kiss, but Sonya is left awkward and feeling that she should tell Toadie what happened. Jacob begs her not to, but when Callum senses something going on between them, Sonya decides to be upfront. She tells Jacob that they can’t spend anymore time together, and goes home to tell Toadie the truth. But an unexpected twist in Jacob’s legal case against Hannah’s parents sees her plan scuppered.

A miserable Karl watches on as his campaigning seems to be failing. Paul’s ahead in the polls and Karl’s worried the election will be a wash-out. But when Marty approaches him with an offer of incriminating evidence against Paul, Karl decides that it’s time he played dirty – just like Paul.

Terese confronts Paul with the hotel proposal and she’s shocked when he announces he’ll be making the hotel independent. Terese knows this means he’ll have her right where he wants her, with clipped wings, and her frustration builds. And when she discovers Mason has been assigned to spy on her, it nudges Terese even closer to breaking point.