Sonya takes Susan’s advice

After exploding with rage at Jade, Sonya is persuaded by Susan to talk things through with her sister and calls her back to the hospital. Jade’s remorseful response to her questioning softens her attitude and the two siblings reconcile. Still wanting to avoid telling Kyle the truth about her relationship with Troy, Jade offers to stay with Sonya while Toadie’s away.

Meanwhile, Kyle returns home to find Jade leaving with her luggage and is disconcerted to see that she’s leaving home for a while, leaving him feeling lonely and shut out. Will Jade let her boyfriend in before it’s too late?

And Paul is keen to progress his relationship with Zoe, though their impromptu lunch is interrupted by Sophie complaining about Andrew nagging her to play in Karl’s band. Sophie takes a shine to Zoe but Andrew isn’t so impressed, believing a new relationship for Paul will just lead to everyone getting hurt. Andrew eventually gives Paul his blessing, as long as he takes things slowly, but when the kids find the couple kissing outside Charlie’s it looks as if things are moving faster than originally thought.