Worried, Jade tells Toadie he needs to do something to stop Sonya getting close to Troy. She tells him to take Callum to see Toadie’s family, to make sure he knows where he belongs – with him and not with Troy. Callum is up for the trip, but as he’s packing up the car, Sonya sees him and asks where they’re going.

A row between Toadie and Sonya ensues and she realises that Jade told Toadie about Troy’s past. However, Callum overhears and demands to know what’s going on and Sonya tells him Troy’s his father despite Toadie’s pleas not to!

Lyn tries to make Summer understand why they have to move to Bendigo, but Summer doesn’t want to move. However, Summer’s further upset when Andrew seems completely unbothered that she’s moving away, telling her it’s a good idea for her family. Meanwhile, over at the Kennedy’s, Susan gets emotional when Lyn tells her they’re leaving.

At home, it’s obvious Andrew isn’t as cool about Summer leaving as he let her think, but when Chris pays him a visit to tell him how upset Summer is, Andrew continues to act like it’s the best thing all round, but Chris isn’t buying it and tells Andrew the way he’s acting is dumb, even by his standards.