Sonya tells Lucas she’s pregnant

Sonya tells Lucas that she’s expecting and though he’s really happy for them, it brings to the surface all the worries he has about fatherhood since discovering Vanessa was pregnant. He turns to Toadie for support but, after a few beers, only succeeds in scaring him, too.

Aidan finds out about the family barbecue and arrives to see everyone wishing Chris a happy birthday, but he doesn’t stay to let Chris explain why he hadn’t told him about the celebration. Chris sees him leave and is distraught, finally gathering enough courage to tell his dad that he has a boyfriend. George struggles but gives Chris the support he needs, telling him to go after Aidan, but when Chris finds him at the hospital, Aidan is resolute. He’s had enough of being lied to and their relationship is over. Chris arrives home to find Andrew dismantling the decorations for the party Aidan had planned and is heartbroken.