Sonya tries to remember her wedding day

Sonya is recovering well but she’s suffering from short-term memory loss and can’t remember anything about her wedding day. Toadie believes it’ll come back but she’ll have to give it time. Mason learns of Sonya’s situation from Lou and starts to worry, prompting Lou to question his grandson over his strange mood since the explosion. Mason explains how he keeps making mistakes and Lou advises him to build a future on an honest approach. Taking this to heart, Mason visits Sonya, intending to confess, but when she expresses a worry about remembering the explosion he backs out.

Scotty suggests he and Georgia seize the moment and elope, leaving Erinsborough for good. Angie finds out and tells Sheila who passes the news on to Kyle and Chris. Shocked, they decide Georgia has to know about Scotty, and Kyle heads over to break the news. Georgia doesn’t believe it but Scotty suddenly arrives and his guilty expression gives him away, leaving Georgia devastated.

And Kyle decides to keep Rhys’s appointment to meet his estranged father, Eddie. He breaks the news of Rhys’s death leaving Eddie distraught and gives him the letters Rhys had written to him as a boy. Later, while clearing Rhys’s things out, Kyle comes across Rhys’s golf clubs and decides to give them to Eddie.